Unsteady bio-fluid dynamics in flying and swimming 
作者Hao Liu;  Dmitry Kolomenskiy;  Toshiyuki Nakata;  Gen Li
期刊名称Acta Mechanica Sinica
摘要Flying and swimming in nature present sophisticated and exciting ventures in biomimetics, which seeks sustainable solutions and solve practical problems by emulating nature’s time-tested patterns, functions and strategies. Bio-fluid dynamics in insect and bird flights as well as in fish swimming are highly dynamic and unsteady, which however have been studied mostly with a focus on the flow phenomena associated with a body or wings moving in a steady flow. Characterized by unsteady wing flapping and body undulation, fluid-structure interactions, flexible wings and bodies, turbulent environments as well as complex manoeuvres, bio-fluid dynamics normally bring low Reynolds number regime and high unsteadiness challenges in modeling and analysis of the physics of flows. In this article, we review and highlight recent advances in unsteady bio-fluid dynamics in terms of leading-edge vortices, passive mechanisms in flexible wings and hinges,flapping flight in unsteady environments and microstructured aerodynamics in flapping flight, as well as undulatory swimming, flapping-fin hydrodynamics, body-fin interaction, C-start and manoeuvring, swimming in turbulence, collective swimming, and micro-structured hydrodynamics in swimming. We further give a perspective outlook on future challenges and tasks of several key issues of the field.
关键词Flying;  Swimming;  Unsteady bio-fluid dynamics; Aerodynamics; Hydrodynamics;  Biomimetics

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