Approximate solutions of the Alekseevskii-Tate model of long-rod penetration 
作者W.J. Jiao; X.W. Chen
期刊名称Acta Mechanica Sinica
摘要The Alekseevskii-Tate model is the most successful semi-hydrodynamic model applied to long-rod penetration into semi-infinite targets. However, due to the nonlinear nature of the equations, the rod (tail) velocity, penetration velocity, rod length and penetration depth were obtained implicitly as a function of time and solved numerically. By employing a linear approximation to the logarithmic relative rod length, we obtain two sets of explicit approximate algebraic solutions based on the implicit theoretical solution deduced from primitive equations. It will be very convenient in the theoretical prediction of Alekseevskii-Tate model by applying these simple algebraic solutions. In particular, the approximate solution 1 shows good agreement with the theoretical (exact) solution, and the first-order perturbation solution obtained by Walters et al. (2006) can be deemed as a special form of the approximate solution 1 in high-speed penetration. Meanwhile, with constant tail velocity and penetration velocity, the approximate solution 2 has very simple expressions, which will be applicable for the qualitative analysis of long-rod penetration. Differences among these two approximate solutions and the theoretical (exact) solution, and their respective scopes of application, have been discussed and the inferences with clear physical basis have been drawn. In addition, these two solutions and the first-order perturbation solution are applied to two cases with different initial impact velocity and different penetrator/target combinations to compare with the theoretical (exact) solution. The approximate solution 1 is much more close to the theoretical solution of Alekseevskii-Tate model than the first-order perturbation solution in both cases, whilst the approximate solution 2 brings us a more intuitive understanding of quasi-steady-state penetration.
关键词long-rod penetration; Alekseevskii-Tate model; theoretical solution; approximate solution; perturbation solution

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